About Me

I’m Tom, a full-time student in the midwest USA, and I do have a few interests beyond photography.

I love music, play some guitar, and enjoy shooting firearms.  I’m a techie at heart — one of the few Gentoo Linux users.  I’m also a Mennonite, which sort of completes the oddness and apparent condradiction of who I am. :)

Oh, and here’s my flickr:


One Response to “About Me”

  1. I stumbled upon your site while hunting information on the Minolta XD-11.
    Yes, I am a new owner of the camera which I bought in top notch condition. A while ago a friend gave me an X-700, lenses and winder and back to film I went. I have a large stable of Canon EOS equipment, but I’m starting back to film on the side.
    I really liked your posted images and I too have a V500 scanner. I sure could use some hints on scanning. Also, would like to know if you scan slides or film? I belong to the Fred Miranda web site and asked what people scanned and it ended up 50-50. I have Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom so it’s just a matter of getting a good scan.
    Any words on the XD-11 and the V500 would be appreciated.
    Tks, Gil
    P.S. Yes, that is mamatus in the one image. I am a retired meteorologist.

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