Minolta XD-11, 50mm MD Rokkor-X f1.4.
Kodak Tri-X pushed to 3200 in Rodinal (2 hour)

There are some days that the essence of this photo is exactly what I feel like. It’s cluttered, unbalanced, busy, dark, negative.

So, I’ve noticed that sometimes in life, doing everything ‘right’ is the wrong thing to do. Not in the moral sense — more basic than that; that doing everything by-the-book, perhaps even without mistake, doesn’t always work. There are times you’ve got to break the rules, the established norms, be unique.

And I think that’s why I like this photo. The rule of thirds sort-of applies, but the stem is awkwardly through the center. The background is nicely blurred, yet still busy and distracting. The contrast/tone is lo-fi and grainy. There’s plenty ‘wrong’ with this photo, but that’s OK. It wouldn’t be the same otherwise, nor would it be able to communicate the same emotion. :)


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