“I like your camera!”

That’s what a girl told me yesterday!

Well, Ok.  She was… maybe 12? 

I had just gotten off my bike at a local park, pulled my silver Minolta XD-11 from my book bag, and was headed towards the trails.  One of the adults near her glanced my way, said “She wants to become a photographer”.  I smiled, nodded, and went on my way, having other things on my mind.

I reflected back on the experience later. Would she really end up in photography, or is this just a juvenile fantasy? *shrug* But it got me thinking about dreams and hopes — what I hoped for as a child, a teenager, and now as a young adult. Some of these things have remained the same, but most haven’t. I guess it’s to be expected, really, that events and experiences fundamentally change us as time goes on. Hopes and dreams of the past fade as we grow and new interests arise. I would expect life would get rather dull if this cycle didn’t happen.

In any case, I just found it interesting to see a kid interested in photography. As I recall, I was curious about photography when I was little. When my family got our first digital camera, I was a teenager and enjoyed experimenting with it, but didn’t have the maturity to thrive. It wasn’t until recently that I was even able to love photography. I’m often technical-minded, so I enjoyed using the concepts I researched to understand. I’m now more patient than ever and I’ll often wander aimlessly carrying a camera; it’s relaxing, whether I’m actively shooting photos or not. Lastly, photography gives me a creative outlet for emotion — whether in a good or bad mood, it enables me to vent or share in a unique way. To me, there’s much more than one facet of this art and to be able to approach something in multiple ways like this gets me much more involved and keeps my interest, without the likeliness of burning out quite so fast… and it wasn’t until my personality changed and matured that I was able to get to this point.

Anyway, sometimes it’s hard to tell where a train of thought will go. Even writing this down is a sort of exploratory process for me, as some things seem almost epiphanic… kinda strange… but perhaps it’s because I’m low on sleep. :)


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